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I am a 34 year old wife to Joel and mom to four sweet kids. Anna-13, Julia-11, Olivia-9, and Will-7. I lived a fairy tale life until the summer of 2008. My health came crashing down around me, and for the next three years I endured mountains of complications due to a hysterectomy. I've lost my sanity and am now a diagnosed manic depressive.. aka "Bipolar". I hope in sharing my experiences that I may encourage others not to lose hope... and to remind them that sanity is overrated.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Could this be the end?

Visited with my doctor today, and we've scheduled what I hope is my final surgery. He believes that I may have some adhesions from my hysterectomy in November. It's sort of an exploratory surgery, but if it's more serious than they originally thought, then it will turn into a BIG surgery. I'm nervous that they won't find anything and I will return empty-handed. I'm so afraid that it won't reveal anything, just like my cystoscopy, and my family will continue to suffer. I'm being constantly reminded to wait on the Lord, and trust Him in all situations. So, I guess if I'm worrying, I haven't released it to God. Please continue to pray for peace and strength for Joel and my family. Surgery date is next Wednesday. I fear to hope.
I AM MARRIED TO THE KING OF SURPRISES RUINED!! Buying gifts for Joel is actually a hard task. Although he's generally very easy to please, most times he somehow figures
out what gift he's getting from me. He has either requested it,
or it's something he desperately needs...like clothes or shoes.

This year for his birthday (May 5) I came up with the perfect gift that he would NEVER guess! The moms and I went in together and bought him a flying lesson! He actually gets to fly the plane himself (with a pilot present, of course ). This is something he's wanted to do for years.
So, the man who's NEVER home during the day, just happened to be home today. He walked out, got the mail, and guess what was in it? A white envelope with MY name on it. He thought to himself, "this is probably another bill for Molly's medical stuff." So, in a flash he opened it. He came into the bedroom with a sheepish smile on his face and handed me the opened envelope. I scolded him something fierce, slapped his arm, and cried just like any hormonal woman in America. He truly didn't mean to ruin his own birthday surprise, but somehow it turned out just like every other gift giving occasion. I guess I'll just have to accept this unfortunate phenomenon about our relationship, and not take it personally.
Men....can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em.
Wednesday, April 8, 2009
I am privelaged enough to be the sister to Colleen, one of the founders of Wild Olive. I own two shirts, and am building up toward the whole collection. The shirts are comfy, cute and modern, and most of all they share the gospel and invoke questions from those who see you wear it! I have always been proud of my sister, but this has been such a blessing in my life. She's already my hero, a wonderful mom, sister, and Christian woman.
My health issues persist, and right now we're waiting on biopsy results from my bladder procedure. My family and I have grown so weary of this past year of sicknesses. Please pray that a solution and treatment will be found.