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I am a 34 year old wife to Joel and mom to four sweet kids. Anna-13, Julia-11, Olivia-9, and Will-7. I lived a fairy tale life until the summer of 2008. My health came crashing down around me, and for the next three years I endured mountains of complications due to a hysterectomy. I've lost my sanity and am now a diagnosed manic depressive.. aka "Bipolar". I hope in sharing my experiences that I may encourage others not to lose hope... and to remind them that sanity is overrated.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

And now...on to Mayo

I just got back from my appointment with the infectious disease specialist. He had run a panel of tests three weeks ago, and I went in for the results. I had a lupus test that came back negative. Whew! What a relief and a praise to God! I did have some abnormal cells he could not quite explain, but he felt certain they would go away on their own. After he looked at all the evidence, he concluded that he still didn't know what to diagnose me with. He recommended further testing, but I declined in order to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to search for an answer there. He approved whole-heartedly and is willing to help me in any way. I was so relieved to have such a supportive doctor!

The Lord has been guiding me through the whole "Mayo" process. I had originally talked with my insurance co. about which Mayo clinic they covered. The first time I called, they said they would ONLY cover the one in Jacksonville, FL. I was perparing to make the call for an appt. when "mysteriously" I received a message from a friend of mine. I had not spoken to this friend in over a year. She reported that she had to go to the Mayo in Rochester, MN, and that she loved it and highly recommended it. In a sidenote she commented that she had the same insurance I did. I had this nagging thought in the back of my mind that Jacksonville was not the right choice for me. I decided to call my insurance again and double check for coverage in Minnesota. After only a few minutes they confirmed that I was indeed covered there! I felt relief and made my appointment for June 15th. During my visit today, after I told Dr. Hennigan of my plans for Rochester, and he said, "Good! I'm glad you're not going to Jacksonville because I've had many patients experience problems there." That was when I knew right away that The Lord had been quietly guiding me along.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends who have been praying for Joel and I! My sister, Shannon, gave me the book by Corrie Ten Boom called, "The Hiding Place". It is such a powerful testimony about God's grace and love for us. He is speaking all the time. It is us who must listen and give thanks in EVERY situation!! It has truly opened my eyes to God's gentle hand. I can plainly see how He is with me EVERY MINUTE! I fear not any diagnosis, or lack of one. I know that perfect health is not a requirement to serve Him. All I need to be is willing.

This next chapter in our lives will bring more of the unknown. But, I am ready to meet it with wide eyes and an open heart. For I have confidence that God is my Hiding Place, He is the Rock cleft for me, and He will give to me what I need to be refined and made ready for His work.