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I am a 34 year old wife to Joel and mom to four sweet kids. Anna-13, Julia-11, Olivia-9, and Will-7. I lived a fairy tale life until the summer of 2008. My health came crashing down around me, and for the next three years I endured mountains of complications due to a hysterectomy. I've lost my sanity and am now a diagnosed manic depressive.. aka "Bipolar". I hope in sharing my experiences that I may encourage others not to lose hope... and to remind them that sanity is overrated.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
It seems my health crisis may be resolving! My mom and I went together to speak with my obgyn yesterday. We talked for quite a while about all the options and risks of what to do about me. I had been praying that God would give me peace when the right answer was presented. He did, of course, and I now feel peaceful about having a hysterectomy. I'm going back in on Monday to have a blood test read, and to discuss a surgery date. Mom, Joel and I feel that this is an answer to prayer, and will get me back on my feet. I haven't been myself since May, and for a while, it seemed as though I would never be normal again. Dr. Bradford has assured me that I will feel much better after it's over. I'm so THANKFUL!!!! I appreciate all those who've been praying! God is faithful to those who trust Him......
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I greatly appreciate all the prayers. God is so amazing!!! Today I had a "coincidental" chat with a doctor, who suggested a new supplement that could possibly resolve all my problems!!! I was able to start on it today, and am hoping for quick results. If this is my answer from God, then I thank Him for such immediate confirmation. If it is not, then I will be still and wait. I am SO thankful for faithful friends who offer me encouragement!
Monday, November 3, 2008
We need your prayers right now!

I am having health issues and we aren't sure how to resolve them. I suffer from migraine headaches, and cysts that grow on my right ovary. I lost my left ovary to the same problem last year. I am currently taking medication for the cyst, but it appears that it hasn't helped. The "hysterectomy talk" is coming soon, I fear. The whole thing is very nerve-wracking because I don't want to live in pain, but I want to avoid all the nasty side effects of going through instant menopause. I am praying for my obgyn to be knowledgeable and willing to check into bioidentical hormone therapy.
My mom has long believed that my migraines are related to my hormones, so I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone, here. My health is really affecting my life as a wife and mother. Sometimes it is very discouraging
since it's been going on since May.
Thanks for listening!
My prayer is to be well enough to go to Haiti in January. I firmly believe that the Lord paved the way for us to go, and so now it's up to me to stand firm in my faith that He'll answer my health concerns.
Saturday, November 1, 2008

We had a fun Halloween! The kids dressed up, as usual, and set about trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. They did pretty well, since they were the ONLY treaters in our whole subdivision!! I dressed up, too so I could greet the treaters at our house, but only had four little people.....Anna, Julia, Olivia, and Will! Ha! We still had a blast and are now looking forward to our favorite upcoming holidays.
Sunday, October 26, 2008
Joel and I have exciting news!
We have been accepted into the mission trip to Haiti! We will spend ten days in a camp that offers medical care to the impoverished people. Joel will be part of the construction team, that will literally be
building the roof over our heads.
The conditions these people live in is beyond comprehension. Most have little to no clothing, no clean water, and no food. The staple of their diet is flour, mixed with water and dirt. They call them "dirt cakes". They have no homes, and some don't even have a shack or a lean-to to sleep in. Their land was devastated by the hurricanes earlier this year. This makes their already desperate situation even worse. Many die from minor illnesses or injuries, and all are infested with internal parasites.
Joel and I are preparing our fund-raising efforts.
If anyone feels led to give, we would GREATLY appreciate it. We would also appreciate your prayers as we strive to be vessels for God's work, and are going into a situation we've never been in before. We feel so blessed to have been chosen for this mission!
Sunday, October 19, 2008

All done, and all tuckered out!
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Well, a new adventure is on it's way for Joel and I. We have applied for a ten day mission trip to Haiti, with the organization, Mission to Haiti. I will be working on the medical team, and Joel will be building, literally, the roof over my head. We know that the devistation from the hurricanes is overwhelming, especially considering it was already one of the most empoverished countries in the world. We'll be keeping you posted about our plans. We're still waiting to see if we got a spot in the camp. I'm praying it isn't already full. The dates we're hoping to be gone for are, January 19-28. Keep us in your prayers!
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Julia had her birthday party this Friday, Oct. 10. She got a Nintendo DS from us and both sets of g-parents. She's been playing it non-stop!

Papaw had fun playing with Indy, as usual!
Sunday, October 5, 2008
Here's a video of Joel and Indy's wrestling match. This is a daily occurance since Indy needs the exercise, and Joel loves to play with him.
Julia and Anna stopped for a quick picture just before they went to Battlefield Park for their squaredancing. Indy went with us, of course, and was a big hit! Everyone stopped to pet him and asked lots of questions about where he came from. He loved all the attention!
We gained a new family member this August. His name is Indy, and he is wonderful! He was rescued by an organization called BoxAR. He has thrived in our home, and we are so in love with him! He still has a few more things to learn, but he has become comfortable and secure with us. We are so blessed to have him!
Joel and Indy have such fun times playing and wrestling. As soon as Indy sees him, he's ready to rumble!
Nana wanted to show everyone how tall Indy is! (actually it's not a very good way to judge, since she's really short! Ha!
Julia is enjoying some quiet time with Indy.
Will and Indy are best buddies. They wrestle and play all the time. He's been a good friend for Will, who gets lonely when the girls are at school.