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I am a 34 year old wife to Joel and mom to four sweet kids. Anna-13, Julia-11, Olivia-9, and Will-7. I lived a fairy tale life until the summer of 2008. My health came crashing down around me, and for the next three years I endured mountains of complications due to a hysterectomy. I've lost my sanity and am now a diagnosed manic depressive.. aka "Bipolar". I hope in sharing my experiences that I may encourage others not to lose hope... and to remind them that sanity is overrated.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The forgotten ones....

My first visit to Haiti awakened me. I had never seen such pain, suffering, poverty, and joy all rolled into one. I finally realized my calling in life... to serve these beautiful people who need only basic things to stay well and happy. Joel and I will devote our latter years (that means when the kids get older) to serving however we can. Please consider how $30 a month can feed and educate a child... who knows, one day a sponsored may be president.

 His expression speaks volumes to me... he looks so miserable. I wonder what he was thinking??
 These sweeties were playing at the local river. They drink, bathe, and wash clothes there.
 I gave him a new shirt, and he was more than thrilled.... what a blessing it was to me!
 We weren't able to stay and have clinic because of the condition of the roads. This woman was outside my bus window asking me for help. All I had were a few dollars. I gave them to her and she broke out into song and rejoicing. She was praising God for His provision... I felt so inadequate that I could not to more, and so humbled at her thankfulness.
 local vendor at the Baptist Mission.
 Two orphans from the Ryan Epps Home for Children. They are very sweet and well looked after.
 As we were leaving clinic one day, this mother brought in her baby who was only hours away from death. There was nothing the doctors could do... The mother was also pregnant. It was devastating to witness.
 Going to take a shower has a whole new meaning over there!
 This is my sponsored family right before we met them. The mother was near death from stomach ulcers which killed her husband just one year before. Her children were all malnourished. Sponsorship has saved this family's lives. I know it's not the first time sponsorship has been someone's salvation.
 We stopped at an orphanage and found the children living in filth. The feeling of helplessness and sadness is indescribable.
 The same orphans... I have no words to describe how hard it was to drive away that day.
 This little one was so sweet. She couldn't read, but wanted a pamphlet that told the story of Jesus.
 While mama was getting medical treatment, Joel held her baby and she fell asleep... one of my favorite pictures!